Enrolment Guide
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Enrolment Guide

Application and Enrolment Information

To study at AUT as a domestic student you will need to apply directly to the University. The easiest and quickest way to apply is online:

If you need help or assistance in completing the Application for Enrolment form, please contact the Student Information Centre. Our friendly staff will be able to assist you through the application process and help answer any queries you may have.

More information on the Application process can be found in the guide:

International applicants, current or returning AUT students, past applicants and applications for interest/compact courses will need to fill out a different form. For more information and to obtain these forms, please contact the Student Information Centre.


University Entrance Requirements

To be admitted to an AUT University undergraduate degree, you must have University Entrance. This is most commonly achieved through one of the three secondary school qualifications as detailed in the Application Guide.

Please note: Some programmes have additional requirements; please see the entry requirements sections for your specific programme of study.


Eligibility to study

You are eligible to study at AUT University as a domestic student if you are:

  • A New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • An Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Applying under Refugee status (English Language courses only).

In order to confirm your eligibility to study at AUT University, we require by law certain documentation upon your application. This is very important and must be done in order to process your application.