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Katherine Monk
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Bachelor of Business – Design major


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Case Competitions


SEO & Fitness Web Design is an Essential Marketing Tool for Any Personal Trainer

Personal Training Personality – The Instant Friend

As a personal trainer you need to have a great ‘selling’ personality. You are in the business of constantly meeting and interacting directly with other people and as such your ability to attract and connect to people is important. Some major aspects of a ‘selling’ personality are: Openness, agreeableness, extraversion and conscientiousness. Since ‘personality’ is basically defined by one’s experience as a child, if you find your selling skills in your fitness marketing have not been too successful till now, read on for some tips on how you can make a change.

 fitness internet marketing

  • People react to a friendly and engaging approach. As a personal trainer you need to approach potential clients in a friendly, understanding and warm manner. However be careful not to cross the line of a professional relationship. If a client becomes a friend you can lose your edge as a professional, and the client could take undue advantage of such friendship. You should offer the right amount of guidance and information, but stay within professional boundaries.


  • As a fitness consultant you might tend to use your extensive knowledge in fitness marketing to attract clients. Your may feel your knowledge of science and data could impress clients. If this is your main approach it could back-fire. Too much professional jargon from your side could put the client off. What clients like is a chance to air their requirements, and a patient ear. They are not too interested in hearing about your credentials etc and would prefer the you to concentrate on what their goals are and how you can help to reach such goals. So make sure you listen attentively to the client’s interests and needs.


  • As in other businesses marketing for personal trainers via social networking can be a useful tool for any fitness business. You may be spending a good bit of your time attending networking events in the hope of connecting with potential clients or gaining referrals. If you are doing so at the cost of one-on-one consultations it could have a negative effect. Instead of spending time meeting up with a lot of people at networking events, you should be more focused on doing individual consultations. This approach helps to build better relationships and rapport and could also lead to some referrals at a later stage.


  • As a personal trainer with a good selling personality, have you indulged in hard selling? No doubt this approach could prove successful especially if a client is hesitant about making a decision. Hard selling often involves scare tactics forcing the client into an ‘either or’ situation. As mentioned above, this approach is often successful. But – it can also have an adverse effect. Being forceful can also rub people up the wrong way. Instead of pushing a strong sales pitch, you need to build a sense of trust in the client. Try for a more personal relationship in an effort to get to know the client better.


  • SEO and Web design for fitness trainers is essential for generating consistent leads. If you know how to rank your website on page one of Google you can really dominate your competition online. I recommend hiring an SEO expert to take care of this for you as the algorithm is constantly changing.



Keep in mind that your personality and approach as a personal trainer is the most valuable asset you have. You need to adopt the right selling techniques, and realise your success will depend on how prospective clients perceive you.

3 Tips for Find the Best Personal Training Certification

Dynamic Flexibility

When checking the client out for any dysfunctional problems, you have to take into account aspects such as dynamic movement, static posture and the client’s range of motion. You need to have the ability to assess the abovementioned problems and be able to interpret and conduct assessment of the same.

Your client may have goals such as losing weight, improving performance etc. and when you assess any dysfunctional movements you will be able to guide the client to reach their goals without risking any injury. Once more information gained during your Algarve personal training certification will prove useful.


How to implement corrective exercises

These exercises could be considered as too simple and low in intensity and as such not very effective in any training programme. Do not get swayed by such opinions. Corrective exercises form the base from which effective and safe training programmes can be launched. Your ability as a personal trainer to successfully help the client will improve. The clients will also be grateful and impressed with your ability to create a workout programme which keeps them pain-free and yet helps them to achieve their goals. These are exactly they type of training programs you’ll learn at mt.ptcertifications.com.

How to keep abreast with latest techniques

There are many professional official bodies which regularly update training programmes for the benefit of personal trainers. You need to keep updated with such programmes in order to increase the range of your training prowess and may be to learn new corrective exercise principles. The trend now seems to be application-based opportunities with learning interactive modules, client scenarios and cueing videos.


Statistics reveal that people who start fitness training programmes suffer injuries when they already had inflictions such as low-back pain etc. Out of 100,000 ACL problems which were reported in a particular year, 75% were related to the person’s inability to control the body when in motion. Another 20% or so suffered from shoulder pain. As such it is important for you as a personal trainer to have the skills and knowledge to guide your client during workouts, ensuring that they do not run any risk of injury.

Source: You can find more information at the PT Certifications site